1968  Born in Yunnan Province

1989  Graduated from the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Art    


         Presently living and working in Beijing

Solo Exhibitions

1992  Fist Exhibition, Chongqing

2000  Women's Portraits, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing

2001  Scene, Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai

2002  He Sen Solo Exhibition, Piltzer Gallery, Paris

2003  Girl . Toy . Smoke, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing

         He Sen Solo Exhibition, Marella Art Contemporary, Milano

2004  Shadow Shaped, Art Now Gallery, Beijing

2007  Now and Then, Art Now Gallery, Beijing

2008  Do You Have Time Tonight, Galerie Frank Schlag & Cie, Essen

2008  Come Together, Jack Tilton Gallery, New York

2009  Best Print Collection of He Sen, A Story Gallery, Busan

         Painting, Art Now Gallery, Beijing

2010  Scene illusry, Marella Art Contemporary, Milano

2012  Conversing with the Moon, Today Art Museum, Beijing

Group Exhibitions
1989  Sichuan Provincial Fine Art Exhibition, Provincial Gallery, Chengdu 

1992  First Annual Exhibition of Chinese Oil Painting, Hong Kong

        First Biennial Art Exhibition, Guangzhou

         Second Documentary Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art,Guangzhou

1993  China's New Art, Post - 1989, Hanart Gallery, Hong Kong

         First Biennial Exhibition of Chinese Oil Painting, Beijing

         Second Exhibition of Chinese Oil painting, Beijing

1994  Sliced, Chongqing

1995  Third Annual Exhibition of Chinese Oil Painting, Beijing

         Urban Idealist - New Art From Sichuan, Hong Kong

         Chinese Contemporary Oil paintings: From Realism to Post

         Modernism, Theoremes Gallery, Brussels

1997  First Academic Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art, Beijing,Hong Kong

1999  Exhibition of Dongyu Art Gallery Collection, Shenyang

        Academic Exhibition, Upriver Gallery, Chengdu

        Sharp New Sights From Young Artists Born Around 1970, Beijing

       Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai

2000  Gate of the Century 1979 - 1999 Chinese Art invitational Exhibition,Chengdu

         Exhibition of the Collection of Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai

         Individual And Society in Art, Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou

         Melbourne Art Fair

         Shanghai Art Fair

2001  Boys & Girls – Group Exhibition of 18 Artists, Soobin Art Gallery,Singapore

         Up Down Left Right, Chengdu Contemporary Arts Museum, Chengdu
        1st Chengdu Biennale, Chengdu Contemporary Arts Museum,

2002   New York Asia International Art Fair, New York

         Youth - Cruelty, DDM Warehouse, Shanghai

         Golden Harvest - Chinese Contemporary Art, National Museum of

         Contemporary, Zagreb

2003  Out of The Red - China Art Now, Marella Art Contemporary, Beijing

         Milano. Trevi Flash Art Museum, Perugia

         Post-revolution and New Generation, Chinablue Gallery

        Modernization & Urbanization, Opening' Seoul-Asia Art Now'

        Exhibition, Marronnier Art Center, Seoul

2004  China Avant-garde, Vanessa Art House, Jakarta

         11 + 1: Crowds and Voids, Art Scene Warehouse, Shanghai

         China's Photographic Painting, China Art Seasons Gallery, Beijing

         Hua Jia Di, China Art Seasons Gallery, Beijing

         New Perspectives in Chinese Painting, Marella Art Contemporary,Milano

         Wuhan The First Nominative Exhibition of Fine Arts Literature,

         Hubei Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Wuhan

         Beijing Chongqing Shanghai - Painting And Photography, Gallery

         Karin Sachs, Munich
2005  China Contemporary Painting, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio,

         Prague Biennale 2, Karlin Hall, Prague

        The Second Triennial of Chinese Art, The Nanjing Museum, Nanjing

         Grounding Reality, Seoul Art Center, Seoul

         Good Girls, Bad Girls, Red Mansion Foundation, London

2006  Vanity Beauties, Marella Gallery, Beijing

         ARCO 06, Madrid

         JIANG HU, Tilton Gallery, New York; Los Angeles

         Basel Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland

         Unclear and Clearness, Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition

         Heyri Art Space, Seoul

         Made in China, Opera Gallery, London

         Varied Images, Invitation Exhibition of China's Contemporary

         Paintings, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai

         The Blossoming of Realism - The Oil Painting of Mainland China since

         1978, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei

2007  Remixed & Revisited: New Visions on China, Arndt Partner, Zurich

        Starting from the Southwest Exhibition of Contemporary Art in

          Southwest China 1985 - 2007, Guangdong Museum of Art

         Guiyang Biennale, Guiyang Museum

        Made in China - Contemporary Chinese Art, Louisiana Museum, Copenhagen

        Simple Immense, Mun Gallery, Beijing

         From New Figurative Image to New Painting, Tang Contemporary Art,Beijing

         Black White Grey - A Conscious Cultural Stance, Today Art Museum,Beijing

         Floating - New Generation of Art in China, National Museum of

         Contemporary Art, Seoul

         Summer Exhibition, O-Gallery, Beijing

         On the Yellow Sea, A Story Gallery, Seoul
         Awakening From A Ten Year Long Sleep 1997-2007, HJY Art Center

2008   Beyond Reality, Beyond Art Space, Beijing

         La Cina e' Vicina, Pan-Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli, Napoli

        Free Zone: China, BSI Art Collection, Lugano

         Case Studies of Artists in Art History and Art Criticism, SZ Art Center, Beijing
         Painting Rebellion, Gallery TN, Beijing

         86 Steps to Nine Layers Heaven, Beyond Art Space, Beijing

         Today's China, Belvue Museum, Brussels

          Re‑ective Asia, 3rd Nanjing Triennial, The Nanjing Museum, Nanjing

2009  Metropolis Now! - A Selection of Chinese Contemporary Art, The

          Meridian International Center, Washington DC

         To See a World in a Grain of Sand, Chinese Pavillion of the 53rd Venice Beinnale, Venice

2010  The Ten Faces of Modernity, D-Park Space, Beijing

        Reshaping History, China National Convention Center, Beijing

        Whisper of the Wind - Chinese Artist Group Show, Beyond Art Space,Beijing

        Pure Views - New Painting from China, Louise Blouin Foundation,London

        Beyond Fashion 1st Crossover Between Young Chinese Fashion

        Designers and Young Chinese Artists, Beyond Art Space, Beijing

         Pure Views - New Painting from China, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco

2011  Expression of Chinese Contemporary Art, Today Art Museum, Beijing

        Pure Views, Chengdu Biennale, Chengdu

Public Collections

National Art Museum of China

Guangdong Museum of Art

Shenzhen Museum of Art

Shanghai Art Museum

Dongyu Museum of Art

HJY Art Center

Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum

Huaren Contemporary Museum

Tanguobin Contemporary Art Museum

Deutsche Bank

Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio

Standard Chartered Bank

BSI Swiss and Italian Bank